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Planning & Zoning
The Planning & Zoning Department
This department is responsible for current planning, long range planning, and zoning enforcement. Current planning includes the administration of the zoning and subdivision ordinances. The Zoning Ordinance regulates the development and use of private and public land. Long range planning is guided through the General Plan.

Geographical Information System
Social, economic, and physical information is inventoried and updated through the use of the Town’s geographical information system (GIS). Small area studies or specific plans are prepared as may be necessary to implement the general plan.

Zoning enforcement activities are carried out with the assistance of the Town marshal’s office, which is responsible for investigating complaints. The department serves as staff to the planning commission and the board of adjustment.

Special Events
The Planning and Zoning Department also administers permitting for special events held within the Town. A "Special Event", as defined by Town Code is: "an organized event established for a period of time not to exceed four consecutive days and which is open to the public and takes place on: (1) Public right-of-way, public property; or (2) Private commercial property."

Printed Special Event Application

Online Special Event Application

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Ian Cordwell
Director of Planning and Zoning Administrator

Ph: (480) 488-6614

Bambi Muller
Trails Planner

Ph: (480) 488-6609

Luke Kautzman

Ph:(480) 488-6633

Marie Carsia
Assistant Planner

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