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Mayor Vincent Francia
Mayor Francia 6-4-07.jpgVincent Francia became the Town’s first citizens-elected Mayor in 1999. Prior to that, the Mayor was elected by Council. His first major responsibility was to work with the grass-roots community movement to secure the preservation of Spur Cross.

Vincent became involved in Town government at the request of his New River Road neighbors, when they requested him to speak before then Mayor Jim Threadgill and Council about leaving New River Road dirt (out of consideration for the many horses in the neighborhood) instead of paving it. Vincent quoted Thoreau, Emerson, Robert Frost and the Buddha about the value of a dirt road being left in its natural state. The Council left it dirt.

Vincent then was asked to chair the Futures Committee, a citizens Town assessment needs group and he also chaired the Park, Recreation and Environment Committee. He then served four years as a councilman, from 1995-1999.

Vincent graduated from John Carroll University with a degree in History and Philosophy. Following graduation he served four years in the Peace Corps in Paraguay. He first came to Cave Creek in the late seventies where he worked as a cook at the then Silver Spur Saloon in Frontier Town . Vincent currently serves as the General Manager of Turf Paradise Race Course. He and his wife Amelia have three grown children.