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Thomas McGuire
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Councilman Thomas McGuire is a native of Western New York State. He holds a bachelors degrees in geology from the University of Rochester and masters in education at the State University of New York. As an educator he taught high school science and occasional college courses. He collects royalties from four popular science books with Perfection Learning of Iowa. With his wife, Elaine, he moved to Cave Creek in 2000 to experience a western community that honors its heritage and open space.

Tom’s many travels include working two years in Australia, rafting the Grand Canyon four times and a trip around the world..

He has led hikes as the geology docent at the Spur Cross Ranch Conservation Area for more than a decade. He has volunteer service at the the Cave Creek Museum and work on Cave Creek’s horse and multi-use trails. In his third term on the Town Council, Tom has taken a special interest in protecting open space with connectivity of horse and pedestrian trails. “Our trails will define and unite this community well into the future.”

Tom is a uniter. He enjoys discussing and considering  issues of community interest. Then those of us on the Town Council vote. Win or lose, we move forward on behalf of the citizens of Cave Creek.

You may contact Councilman Thomas McGuire by email. Please note, emails sent regarding town business may be subject to public records requests.