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Water Bill Inserts
Over the past few years, the Utilities Department has provided valuable information to water service customers in the form of "bill inserts". Unfortunately, if you are like most people, you probably just discarded (hopefully recycled) that bill insert along with other junk mail. But there are some good tips on how to save money and conserve water resources. So for those of you that mistakenly threw out these gems, we've provided links for you to download and tresure their wisdom and information.

Getting Ready for Summer Time
Recommendations for summer irrigation and landscape management from former Town Arborist, Glenn Fahringer

Seasonal Landscape Watering Tips
A handy guide to watering for all seasons along with "water wise" tips.

How to Navigate Your Water Meter
Provides directions on how to check and read your water meter and how to maintain your water meter box for easy access.

What Is a Pressure Regulator Valve?
A guide to everything you need to know about what a pressure regulator valve (PRV) is and why you need one.

Leaks Can Be Costly
Handy guide which relates size of leak to loss in gallons of water. Also contains information on water conservation tips for owners of pools and spas.

Ways to Save on Your Water Bill
Tips on ways to conserve water (and save money on your water bill) in your bathroom, kitchen and outdoors. Also how to sign up for paperless billing.

How to Read the New Neptune Water Meter
New water meters were installed in some locations and this guide shows you how to read those new meters.

Summer Water Saving Tips and Useful Web Links
Additional tips for water conservation outside plus a number of informational website locations for water saving ideas.

Seasonal Landscape Watering Tips
Additional landscape watering tips.