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AGP-17-02 2018 Proposed General Plan
Having received and considered public input since January 2017, the Planning Agency (Planning Commission) has prepared the proposed 2018 General Plan.  Draft #1 of the 2018 General Plan was presented at the first public hearing on January 18, 2018.  Draft #2 is being presented at the Planning Commission meeting on February 15, 2018.

The General Plan is a recommendation from the Planning Agency to the Town Council.  The Town Council can accept the General Plan, as recommended, reject it, modify it, keep the expired General Plan or write their own Plan.  Once approved by the Town Council, the General Plan will be submitted as a resolution to the qualified voters of Cave Creek for ratification and placed on the August 28, 2018 election ballot.  Once ratified by the voters, revisions may be made by a Council resolution.

Cave Creek's General Plan is intended to represent the citizens' vision and values for the development of the Town during the next ten years.  The vision is expressed in goals, objectives and policy/action statements to guide the Town Council and Town staff.  In the process they may identify areas where ordinances, codes, technical guidelines or policy changes are warranted or where existing practices should change.

The starting point for the 2018 General Plan is the 2016 General Plan adopted by the Town Council but not ratified by the Cave Creek voters. The 2018 General Plan is in strikeout and redline format, indicating revisions to the un-ratified 2016 General Plan. 

Notice is given that the Town Council will hold a public meeting on Monday, March 5, 2018 at 7:00 P.M. to consider the proposed 2018 General Plan.  The meeting will be held in the Town Council Chambers, 37622 N. Cave Creek Road, Cave Creek, 85331.

Click here for the Proposed 2018 General Plan.