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Campaign Finance Reports
Political Action Committee Campaign Finance Reports:

2014 Recall Election Active Political Committees

2013 March 12 Primary/Special Election/May 21 Run-Off/Special Election: 

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  • PAC2013-04 PWP in Support of Proposition 459 Final Report and Termination Statement
  • PAC2013-02 Cave Creek Courier 2013 Termination Statement and January 2015 Report

  • The following candidates have filed $500 Threshold Exemption Statements:
            Vincent Francia
            Shelley V. Anderson
            James Bruce
            Ernie Bunch
            Dick Esser (filed Statement of Organization 3/21/2013)
            Steven LaMar (filed Statement of Organization on 1/30/2013)       
            Thomas McGuire (filed Statement of Organization on 3/25/2013)
            Steve Snider
            David L. Smith (did not run for office)
            Charles Spitzer (filed Statement of Organization 3/21/2013)
            Russ Carlson (Did not file paper work to run for Council)
            Vince DeDonatis (Did not file paper work to run for Council)

    2012 May Special Election
  • PAC2012-01 Citizens for Sustainable Fire Protection In Support of Question 1 (Amended)
  • PAC2012-02 No Tax PAC in Opposition of Question 1 (Amended)

2009 November Special Election